A little about my story...

Charles Lance came to me looking to purchase my retail window covering business. Charles R. Lance then took all my bank statements, etc which he was supposed to use for his due diligence and whited out my personal name on all the pages and submitted a loan application stating that HE owned MY company for 3 years. He also needed a voided company check from me so he could "have the deposit funds put into my account". To top it off, this "business loan" was not only using MY banking info but it was also stealing $108 out of my account every day thereafter until I got it corrected with the "fast-cash" loan company he went to for this loan.

I filed reports with both the FBI and the local police department. His family must be so proud of him.

Some other bits of info I've been finding online...

• Appears to create and hide corporate names under his name backwards: "Lance Charles"

• His wife Martha J Lance has a trust that monies were transferred to??

• Was trying to file bankruptcy for $31,266,404.63... That's OVER 31 Million Dollars!

• Was tied to a guy named Blake Bolin AKA Jennings Blake Bolin

• Transferring stocks into his daughters name: Dawn Renne

• Opened a Corporation in MY company name and used MY business address to get it opened then changed it online to a postal mailbox once they approved his Corp.

• Opened a business checking account using my blinds company name (St Augustine Blinds) and MY business address. Neither this or the Corp filing was EVER authorized by me!

How about this shady looking order form and his business card:

...and exactly what is a "member" Randy?... I mean Charles...or CR...
Would that be a creative way to not tie your name in as an owner when the shit hits the fan again?

And below you will see the email where "Charles" asked for my banking info to put the money in my acct. Which was supposed to be his loan to buy my business which I later found out from FlashAdvance.com that Charles was actually using MY bank statements with MY name whited out and represented himself as owning MY company for 3 years! And once the "loan" completed the very next day the cash advance company started taking money from MY account.

Some of the business phone numbers associated with Charles Lance & partners:
- 407-694-3022 personal number?
- 800-679-3027 American Financial Group LLC
- 704-496-2837 American Financial Group LLC AFG, also shows as: Diamonds and Denim Luxe Corp. or: www.diamondsanddenimluxe.com
- 980-819-7614
- 904-495-8421
- 904-377-2228
- 904-570-3590 This is the number he is now using to take peoples money for St Augustine Window Blinds, LLC. Be careful!!! We've received multiple calls from people who have given him a deposit and NEVER received their blinds. He is now showing a new virtual office address since getting kicked out of his old one too. He's now operating at: 822 A1A NORTH, STE. 310, PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL 32082 - 704-557-6278
- 904-772-4424 All Pro Window Blinds 701 Market St, St Augustine, FL 32095
- 904-463-3773 First Coast Blinds and Shutters
- 904-469-0869 also for First Coast Blinds and Shutters

Some of the emails used by Charles R Lance and James Robert Plavsic Jr to take my business & banking information:

- charleslance222@gmail.com
- charleslance737@gmail.com
- rlance4@cfl.rr.com
- jrp8877@gmail.com
- charles@americanfinancialgroupllc.com

Some of the Corporate names he uses and/or was part of: (all conveniently formed as LLC's)

- Southeast Management Group, LLC
- St Augustine Blinds LLC (the company name he stole from me!)

Some of the addresses he appears to use or had used for his companies:

- 9204 Heydon Hall Circle Charlotte, NC 28210(listed in the name of his wife: Martha J Lance). Companies shown as this address include: ROSE'S DR LLC, USED PARTS AMERICA, LLC, ROSIE'S OF RH LLC, AFG AMERICAN FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC, UPA LLC (run by daughter Dawn Renne), CSR Designs LLC, BuyersofLuxuryWatches.us, Davids Steak and Spirits...
- High Tide Drive, St Augustine, FL 32080
- 1311 Atlantic Street, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951(listed in the name of his wife: Martha Lance)
- 3700 34th Street, Orlando, FL 32805
- 10753 Emerald Chase Drive, Orlando, FL 32836
- 5960 Fairview Rd Charlotte, NC 28210 Suite 400. Express Business Cash Advance (also shows as: American Financial Group, LLC)

A list of just a few of the people, government & businesses he appears to owe money to:

- City of Rock Hill, NC $3,000
- Livanos Food Service $63,000
- South Carolina Department of Revenue $7,000
- Signs by Tomorrow $2,400

Relatives of Charles Randy Lance found to have be involved in his "business" dealings:

- Dawn Renne
- Martha J Lance

So, since putting this page live for the protection of everyone in our community I'm now receiving threatening voice mails, Facebook posts and bogus Google Reviews for my business from his "partner" Jamie Plavsic who lives in Charles last home town of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here are some of the threats and posts he has done in the last two days alone:

Threatening voicemails from Jamie Plavsic Jr/ James Plavsic Jr? at 704-557-6278 & jrp8877@gmail.com, also associated with: coolbusinesswebsites.com, economywindowblinds.com, fmseamlessgutters.com, sslgreenlock.net, sslgreenlock.org, sslgreenlock.info, bigorangedomains.com, worldcurrencyandmetaltraders.com, winningforextraders.com, greendotdomains.com, betterwptutorials.com, bestresellerhostingreviews.com, tomtomglassandmirror.com, seoranklab.com, seoranklab.net, oakgrovemissionarybaptist.com, wpsitecraft.com, pricewisepressurewashing.com:
"Hey listen up douchebag. Hey this is the guy that runs that fucking facebook page for the blind company. Thats my fucking facebook page you dickhead. So I'm gonna tell you something, let me catch you writing any more shit about me or my stuff on my fucking pages and I'll come down to fucking Florida and see you myself asshole and i promiss you, you don't want to fucking see me. Do it again!"

"So hey, hey jerkoff. This is the guy that runs the website for St Augustine Blinds LLC. I see you keep clicking my stuff up. Dude you're going to have a serious problem with me in a minute. So keep clicking it up bro and I'm just gonna take your sites down, so have at it bro."

Facebook Posts to my St Augustine Blinds Page:

1. Let me tell you something you cocksucker, I would advise you not be posting to other peoples facebook pages you low life cocksucking thief and liar
2. “Joe Mehm is a con artist and clown.…” – James Plavsic
3. I would advise you keep your comments to your own fucking facebook page. If you post to my page ever again, I will unleash a campaign against all your web properties the likes you have never seen, i am not the guy you want to be fucking with. Yours Truly Douchebag - Jamie P

Some Google Reviews he posted all within minutes of leaving me the first threatening voicemail:

1. “Overpriced and cheap quality blinds.…” – Analyeli Melgar
2. “Overpriced and the guy was rude…” – Amarilis Ortega
3. “Called Joe to come give me an estimate…” – Steve Degusipe
4. “What an awful experience. Do yourself…” – Rachel Schultz

So, the threats I'm getting are from this violent criminal?? And he has the nerve to be attacking me and my websites about other people? WOW! Now I see why you and Randy Lance are partners.

Below is a reprint from Cape Code Today's police report.

"James Plavsic of 812 Route 28 in South Yarmouth, arrested at that address on February 20 at 12:39 a.m. during a domestic violence call for Felony Aggravated Assault and Battery, Felony Assault to Maim, Felony Intimidation of a Witness and Felony Assault and Battery with Serious Bodily Injuries."

This is the partner for AllProWindowBlinds.com? and owner of EconomyWindowBlinds.com? Scary.

Click on the image on left to see the link to Cape Cod Today police report.

Do you really want to keep harrassing and threatening me Jamie? Is it worth the criminal dollars that Randy is paying you? I've never done anything to you and you have been threatening me and slandering me and our businesses for months now and for what? Just because that convicted felon throws you some cash? I don't have a problem leaving you out of this ongoing case as long as you stop the threats. The ONLY reason you are thrown into the mix of all this is because of Randy. Is he worth it? You looking to be arrested again? He's going down for all his crimes and I wouldn't recommend you taking the fall with him. It wont be pretty.

...or maybe we move on to the next one...

this info can also be seen here: James Robert Plavsic Jr on Mugshots.com

Articles & Information about Charles Randy Lance

Most everything you find below is already on the Internet.

UNQT~ Federal Bureau of Prisons CHARLES R LANCE Register# 15924-018 ~ 60-White-M ~ 11-15-1999 ~ RELEASED...

This number belongs to Charles R. Lance, from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a convicted felon for check kiting...

From Ripoff Report...

From Google News...

Rcranga is referencing Charles R Lance's prior crimes...Lance entered guilty pleas of 16 counts of substantive bank fraud and conspiracy to commit bank fraud...

UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Charles R. LANCE, Defendant-Appellant...

Judgment Denying Bankruptcy against Charles R Lance...

United States Trustees Complaint Objecting Discharge to Charles R Lance's Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge...

Re: Solanbridge Group...

More Links...

American Equipment Leasing...

United States of America, Plaintiff-appellee, v. Charles R. Lance, Defendant-appellant, 23 F.3d 343 (11th Cir. 1994)...

Even his own father sued him...

Ex-Ocalan Lance gets 2-year sentence...

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing, David's Steak and Spirits, Charles R. Lance, Manager...

Solanbridge Group Inc (PINK:SLNX) are Shrouded in Mystery...

Termination of Lance from Solanbridge...

American Equipment Leasing and Finance LLC Randy Lance and Rebecca Brock. Bad checks, Fraud, Charolette, North Carolina...

Fifth Third Bank Judgment Vs. C. Randy Lance...

Lance Out As Owner Of Lounge. Check-kiting Plea Haunts Ocalan ...

Man gets 2 years for Fraud...


Easy Semi Truck Leasing America,LLC Union Equity Inc. These are the SAME owners of American Equipment Leasing LLC - Blake Bolin - Randy Lance

BBB - American Equipment Leasing...

Termination of Charles randy Lance from Solanbridge Group, Inc...

Business names located at his Charlotte, NC home...

Shows using hisname backwards? "Lance Randy" and "Lance C. Randy" as President of Garlic Louie's, Inc along with wife Martha Lance...

BuyersofLuxuryWatches.com tied to: WorldCurrencyandMetalTraders.com?? And now the contact us page is taken offline? Hummm

Court Records showing multiple counts of: FELONY WORTHLESS CHECK, MISDEMEANOR WORTHLESS CHECK, etc.

On 2/8/13 Con Man Lance signs bankruptcy denial agreement with the United States Trustee.

The restaurant was formerly owned by Charles Randolph Lance, now under investigation by the FBI in an alleged check-kiting scheme that could cost Commerce Bank of Tampa about $2.06 million...

Lance Leaves Tainted Legacy. He could be seen cruising around Ocala in a Mercedes convertible or a chauffeur-driven limousine...

Charles Lance Bankruptcy Denied

JT Tagged with 2 Billion Restricted Phony Commons ~ previously owned by: Nicoletti, Lance's wife, Lamm, NPL = The Deceitful masks who Knowingly Covered Up the Fraudulent LIQUIDITY SCAM.

Charles R Lance stiffed a charity out-of $1100 at a recent fund raising event...

Appellant Charles R. Lance perpetuated a check-kiting scheme from late 1988 through March 1989. His pattern of making cyclical, immediate credit deposits among four banks masked a substantial overdraft position. On September 9, 1992, Lance entered guilty pleas on sixteen counts of substantive bank fraud and conspiracy to commit bank fraud under 18 U.S.C. Secs. 371, 1344, and 1005...

Order Granting Motion to Extend Time for Fifth Third Bank to File a Complaint Objecting to Discharge - Extended Additional 90 Days from April 23, 2012...

Federal Bureau of Prisons: Search for Charles R Lance or inmate # 15924-018...


Felony & Misdemeanor Cases against Charles R Lance found online (WOW!):

- 9800455 (Florida) Falsify Paystat to Subcontractor Adjudication Not Withheld
- 98000455CFA (Florida) Falsify Payment Status to Subcontractor
- 291992CF004366D001TA (Florida)
- 291992CF005440D001TA (Florida)
- 291992CF006186D001TA (Florida)
- 291992CF008484D001TA (Florida)
- 291992CF008544D001TA (Florida)
- 291992CF004692D001TA (Florida)
- 291992MM005895D001TA (Florida)
- 291992MM006082D001TA (Florida)
- 291992MM006885D001TA (Florida)
- 291992MM006889D001TA (Florida)
- 291992MM013826D001TA (Florida)
- 9204692 (Florida) Knowingly Making, Issuing Worthless Check
- 9205440 (Florida) Knowingly Making, Issuing Worthless Check
- 9206082(Florida)
- 9206186(Florida) Knowingly Making, Issuing Worthless Check
- 9208484 (Florida) Knowingly Making, Issuing Worthless Check
- 9208544 (Florida) Knowingly Making, Issuing Worthless Check
- 9213826 (Florida)
- 16-1991-CF-004922-AXXX-MA (Florida) Grand Theft
- 16-1997-CF-011006-AXXX-MA (Florida) Communications Fraud
- 16-1997-CF-011006-AXXX-MA (Florida) Communications Fraud
- 16-1998-CF-000455-AXXX-MA (Florida) Making or Furnishing False Statement
- 97011006CFA (Florida)
- 89-CF-007704-A (Florida) 832054 Obtain Property For Worthless Check
- 92-CF-008544-A (Florida)
- 92-CF-008484-A (Florida)
- 16-1998-MM-039701-AXXX-MA (Florida) Worthless Check (Accounts receivable)
...and what seems like quite a few more

One of Seven Civil Judgment Records against Charles Lance:

- Case Number: 48-2009-Ca-000883-O Amount: $5,254,133.74 Plaintiff: Fifth Third Bank

More info I just received...(4-19-2015)
It's an email from someone who has also dealt with the scammers...

"Charles and Martha Lance has been able to cheat, lie and steal from many financial institutions, individuals, companies and unsuspecting folks for a long time. As you reported, Charles has spend time in prison, twice, and still continues to only fine tune his illegal and fraudulent dealings.

Until recently, they owned the home at 1311 Atlantic Avenue in Melbourne, and the Heydon Hall residence in Charlotte, NC. Both homes were over $1.5 and was acquired by stepping on the backs of the public. They were foreclosed upon a few months ago and they returned to St. Augustine, as you only know so well. The Lance's started their fraudulent life in St. Augustine as you can tell by the corporation filings in Florida. I expect they are in desperation mode as their ill-gotten gains and the few businesses he ran are finished. The last tries being the restaurant biz in both Florida and in South Carolina. He was involved in a penny stock slimy venture both UNQT, and SLNX (Solanbridge) where his "related party" stock gifts remain under suspicion. Anything and everything he touched was fraudulent. Also, the Used Parts America that was in South Carolina, as you mentioned, was being run by the daughter. He used and abused family members, as you have learned, too. Their culpability is suspect.

PACER documents showing Martha Lance's current BK will outline the dealings in a good time line. The court appointed a Trustee as the Lance's were accused of untruthfulness, fraudulent actions, and other "court" terms for bankruptcy fraud. Although, nothing has been charged....yet. The case number is 3:14-bk-30262, filed 2/19/14 in North Carolina Western BK Court. PACER is Public Access to Court Electronic Records and will help you, if you choose, to follow both Charles and Martha. It appears they file BK about every 10 years and runs into the tens of millions of dollars.

Also, Lance is paying a Restitution Order that was for the amount of $1.93 million dollars. This was ordered 2/25/1992. for the Tampa Bank scam and check kiting ordeal which caused the bank to close. He has cut a wide swath across Florida and looks like he has returned. Hopefully, you will be able to help the authorities close the book on these two and be able to render their punishment for their terrible deeds.

Lance is also a big bully so I am not surprised that you have gotten hate mail, or other disparaging acts committed. I hope you have good legal advisers and will be able to throw the book at this guy."

It's time to contact the Bankruptcy trustee's (alexandria_p_kenny@ncwba.uscourts.gov and bshuford@abshuford.com) AND American Greed (americangreed@nbcuni.com)...Your scamming days are almost over!

...they have been contacted. Anyone else with information about this guy can email me below.